Viametris MS-96 with its GNSS antenna


Modular Mobile Scanner

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Mobile mapping solutions for measurement professionals

Viametris is a company specialized in the development of cutting-edge mobile mapping systems. Its latest 3D scanner, the MS-96 is a unique solution combining SLAM algorithms, a high-end IMU and a GNSS receiver. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of measurement professionals. With remarkable modularity, it meets all the requirements and constraints of surveyors, topographers, architects, BIM modelers, and construction professionals. Versatile, it can be used indoors and outdoors, and adapts to all types of mobility: in backpack mode, in pedestrian version with its articulated arm, mounted on the roof of a vehicle, or even on a scooter. Its millimeter-noise Lidars combined with a proprietary 96 Mpx camera allows the generation of point clouds with exceptional precision and rendering, offering a complete and high-performing solution for the most demanding projects.

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