And what if 3D scanning joined the event world?

We took the opportunity of our presence during the last edition of Printemps Numérique in Brussels to scan Tour & Taxis, the superb historic building in the Belgian capital that hosted the event organized by Paradigm Brussels.

Tour & Taxis, a fine example of the rehabilitation of a historic monument.

A former goods handling and storage center, built in the 19th century, the site takes its name from the Thurn und Taxis family, who owned the imperial postal company. It has a remarkable architecture, with vast warehouses and restored industrial buildings. Today, Tour & Taxis has become much more than just a historic venue: it hosts various cultural, artistic and commercial events throughout the year, including trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, concerts and festivals . It has also become a major urban development hub for the city of Brussels, helping to revitalize the area and create a dynamic community. The old building is now the nerve center of a mixed-use urban district including offices, housing, shops, event and cultural spaces, as well as green spaces.

How can 3D mobile scanning be useful to the events sector?

A quick 3D scan performed using the Viametris MS-96 can provide event organizers with a powerful tool to plan, promote and execute their events more efficiently. A major advantage when we know that in the event industry, technical delivery is due at a fixed and non-negotiable date/time.

For a trade fair and event organizer, a preliminary 3D scan of the site will make it possible to locate the electrical infrastructure, determine the positioning of poles, doors, structures and measure the metal frame… It will also allow the organizer to precisely visualize the entire available space, including the different halls, exhibition areas, meeting rooms and common areas. This would make it easier to plan the layout of stands, activity areas and circulation for visitors.

After the event, for a venue manager, keeping an archive of the 3D scan makes it possible to keep track of the work, and therefore presents a real technical and commercial, or even legal, interest in the event of a dispute.

[ Embark on a tour and overview of the site with this point cloud.]

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