Trolley mobile scanner

The iMS3D was designed in 2011. It was the world’s first indoor mobile mapping scanner with LiDAR-SLAM technology.

It is able to scan and to grab 360° images in any indoor area. It is particularly efficient in narrow environments and crowed offices thanks to its short range profilers.

This technology has been developed to provide an efficient answer to the As-Built industry.

Data capture

User Friendly
Easy to transport and easy to use
Moves easily in any indoor environment

5 km/h of continuous capture
Boots up in 5 min

86,000 points per second
360º Pictures

Compatible with all CAD industry standards

Bundled with all accessories and software (Point Cloud Computation)


All our solutions come with our proprietary software PPiMMS for post-processing. PPiMMS is a powerful post-processing software that automatically corrects drifts to compute precise and dense 3D point clouds. It simultaneously shows images.

  • Trajectory computation combining SLAM technology and INS/GNSS coupling
  • Automatic drift correction (loop closure)
  • PPK GNSS geo-referencing integration for any coordinate systems
  • Ground control points integration
  • Possibility to add manual constraints
  • Images/point cloud overlay
  • Point cloud colorization
  • Project merging
  • Universal exports (LAZ, LAS, E57) compatible with CAD, GIS and BIM standards



  • Mobility services
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Retail