Road mobile scanner

VMS3D icon mobile mapping

Our vehicle based mobile mapper (VMS3D) takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, depending on their conditions of use. 
It allows rapid measurements, faster than any other technologies

This technology is no longer tightly dependent on GNSS receivers.

When the GNSS receiver provides reliable data (i.e: in open sky environment), the solution relies on its position. If the GNSS fails or disturbance occurs, the system then chooses inertial LiDAR-SLAM.

This independence to the GNSS reception makes this system a versatile tool.

It will work the same in highways or dense urban canyon. 

Data capture

Centimeter relative accuracy
Dual antennas (true heading)
DMI sensor for tunnels

70 km/h of continuous capture

Dual LiDARs architecture
300,000 + 700,000 points per second
30 Mega pixels high-resolution 360º images
High-end IMU

No calibration needed
Suction cups based chassis easy to setup on any vehicle

Lightweight (11,5 kg)
Remote control via professional Windows 10 tablet

All accessories included (batteries, second antenna, tablet, etc.)
Post processing software included


All our solutions come with our proprietary software PPiMMS for post-processing. PPiMMS is a powerful post-processing software that automatically corrects drifts to compute precise and dense 3D point clouds. It simultaneously shows images.

  • Trajectory computation combining SLAM technology and INS/GNSS coupling
  • Automatic drift correction (loop closure)
  • PPK GNSS geo-referencing integration for any coordinate systems
  • Ground control points integration
  • Possibility to add manual constraints
  • Images/point cloud overlay
  • Point cloud colorization
  • Project merging
  • Universal exports (LAZ, LAS, E57) compatible with CAD, GIS and BIM standards



  • Resistant structure
  • Long autonomy (4h)
  • Lightweight (7kg)
  • Easy and quick setup on operator
  • Outdoor
  • Areas unattainable by car
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Alleys
  • Staircases

Product variation


Equipped with two Z+F profilers, the VMS3D-HD is able to scan at higher speeds, up to the maximum speed limit on highways (120-130km/h).

Natively equipped with a dual antenna system, a high-end IMU and a DMI, the data can be easily and quickly post processed. But like any VIAMETRIS product, the SLAM technology remains available for urban canyons and GNSS denied environments.


No calibration needed
Single operator

Remote control via dashboard inside vehicle for scanning and electric lift

Fully integrated on an electric lift

Centimeter relative accuracy
Sub-centimeter accuracy in short ranges
Dual antennas (true heading)
DMI sensor

Up to 120 km/h of continuous capture

Two Z+F profilers 2,000,000 points per second
30 Mega pixels high-resolution 360º images
High-end IMU