MS-96 Changelog

Current MS-96 Version: 1.1.1

Last Modification Date: 2023/06/21

Changelog 1.1.1:


•        Managed inertial configuration edition and deletion.

•        Added inertial mode confirmation before project starting.

Bug fixes:

•        Avoided double Start Project or Scan calls.

•        Fixed navigation icon refreshing after a scan stop.



•        Changed default view during project to GNSS constellation view in case of GNSS absolute aiding.

Changelog 1.0.0:


•        Added recovery of the current trajectory on web page refreshing.

•        Added trajectories of existing scans project.

•        Added trajectory highlighting.

•        Added external GeoJSON displaying.

•        Removed zoom buttons.

•        Magnification of map buttons.

•        Implemented automatic reactivation of position tracking.

•        Added management of inertial mode in parameter dialog.

•        Added external IMU Measurement Point management.

•        Added a "Full nav" indicator in the constellation view.

•        Added configuration import.

•        Added option to import from external GeoJSON by project.

•        Added camera image quality option: Standard or High.

•        Changed image from 8bits to 10bits format.

•        Limited picture gain to 24dB maximum.

•        Reorganization of the project’s menu bar.

•        Creation of a LED option dialog.

•        Creation of a flash option dialog.

•        Configured SBG session DataLogger start threshold on UTC in case of GNSS absolute aiding.

•        Added external IMU Measurement Point management.

•        Added update server.

Bug fixes:

•        Fixed "Connect title" web page appearing.

•        Fixed refreshing of export date.

•        Fixed comment edition.

•        Fixed language option refreshing.

•        Fixed graphic bug on the batteries dialog.


•        Blocked "Connect" button while waiting for server's response.

•        Added loading message in point cloud page.

•        Reduced point cloud frequency.

•        Switched the sd-card icon color to red under 2%.

•        Changed GNSS constellation color.

•        Added GNSS constellation LBAND and Unknown satellite types.

•        Fixed elevation scale inversion in GNSS constellation view.

•        Changed favicon of the app.