License specifications

License permissions #

The permissions of each PPiMMS license depends on the combination of three factors:

  • System type: for each license, we specify which type of SYSTEM is authorized: iMS3D, iMS2D, vMS3D, bMS3D, etc.
  • Type of usage: PPiMMS licenses can be either for processing or viewing. The later will only allow to open and visualize projects but will not allow to perform calculations (e.g. trajectory, constraints, etc.). These two types are equivalent to having read or write rights.

  • Additional options: some additional options can be activated on the licenses, such as the permissions for using the UDP broadcasting tool.

Monostation and dongle licenses #

There are two types of PPiMMS licenses, according to the number of workstations that will use it:

  • Fixed (monostation): the license number will be linked to a single machine ID. The license can be switched to another machine only once every 7 days. At the second change of license within 7 days the license will be temporarily blocked.

  • Float (dongle): the license number will be linked to a USB dongle ID. This dongle can be freely switched between different workstations without restriction.

Additional considerations #

For each PPiMMS license, a connection to the license server is necessary. It is associated with a license number such as PPiMMS-####-####-##

Once activated, the computer can lose the server connection for 24 hours. Afterward, a new connection is required.

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