Our products are used in every industry.


Geodesy is the science of understanding and measuring objects at large scale. Since hundreds of years, we have been busy figuring out new ways to calculate distances efficiently and obtain geometrical information from our environment.

Nowadays, fast and accurate surveying can be achieved with 3D mobile mapping systems. Our expertise in thinking and manufacturing systems that can deliver centimetric accuracy both in relative and absolute terms with a high level of reliability and automation is acknowledged and greatly appreciated within the professional community.

While continuously working with new technology, our proprietary algorithms still allow to combine inputs from our systems with inputs from classical instruments such as total and GNSS stations if required. Should you wish to reference indoor scans using control points, our easy and intuitive workflow will let you do so!


With an ever increasingly need for rapid design and modeling, 3D mobile mapping technology is revolutionizing the way AEC experts conceive and keep their projects up to date. Timelines in renovation, infrastructure planning or building remodeling can be followed up and re-assessed on a daily basis.

With our mobile backpack solutions, it becomes simple and efficient to scan a whole construction site in a few minutes and get a resulting point clouds sharable with customers on the same day. The high-resolution panoramic images are also a nice touch to naturally visualize and understand an environment. Woaw effect guaranteed!

Lightweight, rugged, and easily portable, our BMS3Ds will fill the gap between your TO-BE plans and the AS-IS reality. Depending on the area to scan, you will be able to lift up or down the telescopic head to ensure a maximum LiDARs covering.


Monuments, museums, and cultural heritage buildings are the footprints of our History. Thanks to 3D scanning, it becomes possible to preserve such masterpieces. Our versatile backpacks allow to quickly scan the entirety of a site without requiring a stop in the day-to-day operations of the site.

Our top-notch proprietary SLAM technology is a crucial factor for delivering a result with great reliability and in the most automated manner possible. Using the integrated GNSS technology during an outside scan around the building is also a must for surveyors who need proper referencing in an absolute coordinates system.

The accurate point cloud digital twin of the building can then be pushed to a 3D viewer and allow anyone to access the area remotely. On the other hand, architects and construction experts can exploit the point cloud to create a BIM model in their favorite software or floor plans in a CAD software. A digital twin is right there just at hand!


Transportation is both the curse and the benediction of our modern world. Building and maintaining safe transport infrastructure is a crucial aspect in the development of cities nowadays. To accomplish it, the best tools are required both in terms of productivity and reliability. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers are to be scanned every year!

Our mobile mappers are the tools of choice by excellence for such Herculean tasks. Combining high-end navigation systems with dual antennas and SLAM technology, they allow to map any environments, will it be highways, country roads or tunnels. Equipped with highly dense profilers, our HD system even allows a single operator to manage its scan and safely drive at the maximum authorized speed.

Rugged and compact, our standard model allows a quick implementation on any vehicle thanks to a suction cups chassis. Not requiring calibration, scanning can effectively start barely a few minutes after setting up the system on the roof!


Today’s agriculture uses highly technological tools to optimize production and monitoring. 3D mobile scanning has become one of them. Our backpacks allow rapid capture of large-scale fields in a pedestrian and motorized mode. Centimetre accurate point clouds colorized in high-resolution combined to spherical immersive images are used to conduct routine tasks and research.

Using third party software such as VisionMaGeLAAn, geometrical parameters (heights of vegetation, trees diameter, etc.) can be collected to provide a detailed monitoring of the overall growth and morphology of a field or can be used to compare growths of different crop breeds under specific conditions. Resilience, productivity, and other parameters can also be assessed to select crop varieties that need further phenotyping evaluations.

Regularly scanning and comparing scans allows to identify differences in growth rates within a property and optimize crop distribution. Semantic information is collected by machine learning models that are trained to recognize and count fruits or leaves to identify and estimate zones of high and low yield.


Digitalizing the world has started and industrials are surfing the wave. They have begun to 3D scan their facilities for managing resources, optimizing space, checking safety regulations, simulate new implementation and other activities that can bring value to their businesses.

Mostly indoor, often multi-levels with areas difficult to access, these environments can be challenging for mobile mapping technology. But they are no match for our proprietary SLAM algorithm. Developed and enriched since more than 13 years, it allows continuous scanning without GNSS reception while ensuring very minimal drift.

On the other hand, our unique proprietary multi-acquisitions loop closure algorithm automatically merge elastic point clouds together to deliver an outstanding single coherent point clouds despite multiple indoor/outdoor/underground captures. Ensuring an end-to-end key in hand solution from data capture to online web sharing, we provide the tools for industrials to complete a digital twin in no time with no prior expertise required.


Climate change is happening, and its consequences are becoming more and more significant every year. The Anthropocene, era of Mankind, marks a period of unprecedented challenges that are going to need unprecedented solutions. Societal, political and technological innovation are going to be needed to address the situation with the right level of concerns and speed of action.

Our technology has a role to play in this equation thanks to its ability to reproduce any kind of environments including GNSS denied environments such as mines, hilly coasts lines and underground reservoirs. These environments modeled with point clouds can be exported in all universal formats for scan-to-scan analysis, volumetric calculation and further investigation.

Understanding, monitoring, and measuring our ecological footprint stems from our ability to realistically assess our impact on the natural fauna and flora. The matter is urgent and private companies as well as national geology and mining institutes are taking advantage of these tools to collect all the necessary inputs for decision makers.


Like any other industry, oil & gas companies are going to be radically affected by digital innovation. Always on the lookout to improve productivity and asset monitoring, they stand at the forefront of innovation. Indeed, being able to manage pipelines and large infrastructure spread over several countries or even continents require new ways to capture, collaborate and share 3D information.

This is where our versatile, easy to use and performing mobile solutions come into play. They allow to quickly capture any industrial settings, outdoor and indoor continuously without disturbing on-going activities. Our highly automated post processing then does the rest of the job to deliver compelling results within a few hours or even minutes after data capture.

Our centimeter accuracy and unique colorization features makes our point clouds highly realistic such that any collaborator can simply visualize and understand captured environments. The time for monitoring assets in 3D in real time has come.