Our Mission

VIAMETRIS is a company dedicated to developing mobile mapping technologies. Since 2008, we have provided accurate, high quality, and value-added solutions to complex 3D scanning challenges.

Our dual expertise in hardware and software makes us the partner of choice for delivering high-end products relevant to the applications of our customers. Research and development is the core of our company and has always been the driver of constant innovation.

Our goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of what mobile mapping technologies can do and contribute to the digitalization of the world.

Our History


Launch of the BMS3D-HD enabling 1.000.000pts/sec combined with 360° pictures from 5 to 50km/h.

VMS3D-HD high definition mobile mapping system
VMS3D-HD & Multi-scans

Launch of the VMS3DHD, enabling 2,000,000 pts/sec density.

Launch of the multi-scan functionality able to automatically merge elastic trajectories.

bMS viametris backpack mobile mapping system

Launch of the BMS3D, a revolutionary backpack system for pedestrian or motorized continuous scanning with automatic switch SLAM-INS in indoor/outdoor environments.


Launch of the VMS3D, a mobile mapper with a revolutionary automatic switch SLAM-INS/GNSS for optimal performances in outdoor environments (open sky/urban canyons/tunnels etc.).

Improved SLAM

Ongoing optimization of Viametris proprietary SLAM algorithm and integration of new hardware components.

Launch of the iMS3Dv2 and a 2D handheld device (iMS2D).


Launch of the iMS3D, the first 3D mobile mapping system in the world that can scan in GNSS-denied environments.

Equipped with short-ranges profilers, the trolley is particularly adapted to narrow spaces.

viametris point cloud

Development of Viametris proprietary SLAM algorithm.

Development of automatic road data extraction software with feature recognition (road marking, road sign, etc..).

Our Software Partners