Backpack mobile scanner

The BMS3D-HD is a versatile solution for indoor, outdoor and underground scanning. Designed for fast and accurate data capture, it can be used in both pedestrian and motorized ways. The panel of applications is vast, ranging from land surveying and construction sites to facilities management or precision agriculture.

VIAMETRIS has been an expert for 10 years in the 6DOF LiDAR-SLAM algorithm, this has allowed the company to offer this complete solution for any kind of mapping applications


Centimeter relative accuracy

Versatility & Productivity
Up to 50 km/h of continuous capture
30 Mega pixels high-resolution 360º images

Dual LiDARs architecture
1 x 320,000 points per second
1 x 640,000 points per second
Camera with 15 pictures per second

No calibration needed
Indoor & outdoor scanning

Lightweight (13,5 kg)
Remote control via professional Windows 10 tablet
Hot swappable batteries 

All accessories included (batteries, second antenna, tablet, etc.)
Post processing software included


All our solutions come with our proprietary software PPiMMS for post-processing. PPiMMS is a powerful post-processing software that automatically corrects drifts to compute precise and dense 3D point clouds. It simultaneously shows images.

  • Trajectory computation combining SLAM technology and INS/GNSS coupling
  • Automatic drift correction (loop closure)
  • PPK GNSS geo-referencing integration for any coordinate systems
  • Ground control points integration
  • Possibility to add manual constraints
  • Images/point cloud overlay
  • Point cloud colorization
  • Project merging
  • Universal exports (LAZ, LAS, E57) compatible with CAD, GIS and BIM standards



  • Lightweight
  • Full remote control from tablet
  • Low light environments (indoor, construction site without electricity, etc.)
  • Very powerful : 2 x 4000 lumens
  • Rugged Aluminum structure
  • 360° field of view
  • Cooling fans for temperature control